If you are looking for a shiny, new, off the shelf guitar, then you are in the wrong place – all my guitars are relics, from lightly aged to abused to perfection. I have recently relocated to the U.S.A. having been based in the U.K. for several years. I had my own workshop producing relic guitars, making custom guitars for various clients including Motorhead (and a Les Paul style for Dave Grohl), as well as servicing, setting up and restoring guitars – you can check out my work on restoring Lemmys number 1 & 3 Bass here as well as check out my old U.K. website here.


Guitar Relicing


History of Reliced Guitars


Restoration on Lemmys Bass

Relic guitars just look and feel like an instrument you want to play – and also let friends play without the anxiety of getting it back with a scratch or dent. We all love guitars, not just for the sound they produce but the history behind them. Unfortunately owning vintage instrument is a very expensive hobby and would you really gig with a $20,000+ vintage Strat, Les Paul, or Tele? I got my first relic guitar when my first child was born (didn’t want my cherished Les Paul getting scratched) and have never looked back. I build and relic guitars out of my love for the look, history, and feel of vintage instruments. I also am a collector of vintage and “interesting” guitars (mainly Strats). My collection has pre-CBS era Strats, 1960’s & 1970’s era Strats & Teles as well and many other interesting and collectable guitars. I utilize the vintage guitars as a reference point for relicing – it is essential to have the real thing rather than just relying on images from the internet to produce convincing relics.
I currently produce new build relic guitars from either premium quality bodys, necks, and hardware, to refinished original Fender, Gibson, or other major manufacturer guitars.
Please have a look around this website for more information on the guitars and relicing that I do. I am very proud of each and every guitar I build or relic – it is never about the money (don’t tell my Wife) – it is about the art & science of creating a unique world class instrument which is just begging to be played, that sounds fantastic, and looks like a guitar from “back-in-the-day”.